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Mountain Poppy Food is YOUR source for sustainable, highly nutritious produce and fresh sourdough bread. Right now we offer a diverse selection of vegetables, all grown from open-pollinated & organic seeds, each seed is started by Molly one by one. Each of our loafs are from a hearty rye or red fife sourdough starter, all flours are Organic and milled fresh from whole grains. At Mountain Poppy, we strive to grow our own heritage grains in order to have the freshest stone-milled flour. We’re always growing and changing, constantly inspired by new ideas.  Yet, our passion remains the same – honest, heartfelt food.

Meet your farmer Molly.

Molly has been passionate about farming for decades

A native Coloradan who grew up in suburban California North of San Francisco, a bedrock for sustainable agriculture.  It was in the rolling hills of West Marin that Molly Moore found limitless inspiration to pursue the farm lifestyle.  A graduate of UC Santa Cruz, another springboard for organic and sustainable Ag, Molly found work at a non-profit organization called The Homeless Garden Project (HGP).  Working at HGP Molly found that growing food for people is essential and her relationship with growing food came naturally.  From here Molly worked on many farms from Sonoma to right here in the North Fork Valley.  Since returning to Colorado, Molly has found a passion for the challenge of high desert growing, a deep love for homestead life and a need to share her Heart Felt Food with YOU!

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How We Do

Each Seed Planted with Intention

Mountain Poppy is part of a growing number of farms using Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic principles to grow some of the most beautiful, nutritious food you’ve ever tasted. These principles are not easy to master or understand, but make for a sustainable, biodiverse farm made with thoughtful approaches and intention.

Each Leaf Handpicked & Hand Washed with Love

This is not your usual production farm. It’s pretty much just Molly and her vegetables! At least this year! Going down the rows of kale, fresh lettuce, beautiful beets and hearty herbs, she carefully tends to each and every plant. What does that mean? Really tasty produce that’s been loved start to finish.

Bread Stone-Milled & Made from Scratch

Hailing from San Fransisco, Mountain Poppy Molly knows sourdough. In the high mountain air of Telluride, Molly’s love of baking was born. The bread is made from simple ingredients and many stone-ground heritage grain varieties for a unbelievable flavor.

The Sourdough & Stone Mill

Molly has a deep appreciation for San Francisco style sourdough bread and by incorporating bread into Mountain Poppy’s menu of goodies, Molly’s been inspired to trial heritage grains on the farm.  Since many grains have been lost in the last 100 years due to large scale mono-culture farming and much of the diversity & variation in the types of grain we can buy are very limited, it has become increasingly important to preserve these old grains.  Plus whole grains used in sourdough makes for a hugely flavorful and nutritious bread.  Stone milling is the ancient way of grinding the grain between two stones which keeps the end product, flour, at an optimal temperature.  As opposed to the commercial grinding method which heats the flour to a degree that causes the flour to go rancid faster.  As well, in stone milling, we are able to have all of the nutrients from the whole grain, all parts of the grain are important to our proper digestion of wheat and many other types of grains.  

Activism through food.

Molly’s passion on the farm has become her answer to a fast changing world.  The shift away from unhealthy, unsustainable practices is a conscious effort and lifestyle choice as can be tasted in each loaf of bread & vegetable from Mountain Poppy.


For over a century the North Fork Valley has been home to an abundance of homesteads, farms, and orchards. In the early 1900s prized Paonia fruit made its way all over the country via train packed in ice from the snowcaps. Today a culture of self-reliance, sustainability and creativity continues in the valley. From cheese and grass fed beef to organic peaches, biodynamically grown vegetables to honey – they all hale from this tiny, sparsely populated Colorado valley.

You can find Molly & her homegrown treats every Friday from 10am-3pm at the Ridgway Farmer’s Market or you can contact her directly. Sometimes she drops food off at your door if you’re lucky!


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Love to get your hands on some awesome produce? We happily accommodate chefs & restaurants! Want to know more about the farm? The valley? Interested in collaborating? Hosting a workshop? Get in touch!

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